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Site launched

Congratulation! Cheer up! Our site have been done finally!

Let's take a look:


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W3C Validate

As i have finished my site, i went to W3C validator to check for my HTML and CSS. At the beginning there are some errors in the website. But i followed the instruction and correct all of them. Now our site is validated both in HTML and CSS. Yeah!!

Check out this: HTML validate , CSS validate .

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User Testing

After several days' hard working, our project was almost done. I have finished all the pages, but due to the limit of time, i don't have enouth time to do the Chinese version at the moment. Hopefully i will finish it in the near future.

Today i asked my client and some of my friends to do some user testings. Here are some of their feedbacks:

My client Miss Wang:

Dear Mr.Zeng, I have visted your website designed for Chinese in Bournemouth and would like to give you some feedback as the following. Firstly, the contens have provide a wide range of useful information for freshmen in Bournemouth, especially the life section. It does help for a stranger because there is related information in practise such as accommodation,eating and transportation. Secondly,the navigation is clear for users. It presents a specific position for visitors. What is more, the validator is standardised according to W3C XHTML and CSS. The whole design is good and exhibits neccesary materials in the website. However, it will be more perfect if providing more local pictures inside each section.If possible,a forum to share experience in Bournemouth will be practical and direct for users.

From Hong:

Hi Kevin, I checked the web site. It is great and nice, also an informative Chinese web site in Bournemouth. I am a MAC user, So I will use Safari and Camino browser to view your web site. – The overall feel and look of Chinese in Bournemouth web site is very nice and easy to use. It brings out the feel. – It is also an informative web site. The screen design is simple and nice. ( Clear design 🙂 – The overall navigation design is very clear and easy to navigate also. – And the number of steps to get to the information structure is easy which is very good and usability friendly. – Identifying the current location in the information is just right. – The loading speed is quick although you have quite few large images. Impressive! Frankly, the design is good, simple and easy to use. Best Regard, Hongy

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PHP test

Cause we had had some PHP workshops this term, i could use them in our project, i put a message board and an uploading page in our site, letting our users contribute to our project, also we can have good feedback from them.

The PHP is really helpful, i am trying to use database for the content updating.

Check out these:  Message board and Uploading page.

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Userbility test

I went to see my client today to do the userbility test. We found out some problems:

1. The background image and some of the images are too big for size, so they were not loaded fast. I will cut down the image size more, although it will also cut down the quality.

2. Some of the images didn't show, leaving a blank table there. I forgot to put "Alt=xxx" for some of them, i will check later.

3. The content background image is a white color in PNG format, it is transparent, but what we saw in my client's computer was just white color. Still i don't know why.

4. Some fonts are now shown correctly, so it's better to put a font-family but not just one font for CSS rules.

5. Colors of fonts are not clear enough in my client's laptop, so i need to use some more sharp and clear link colors.

This userbility test was quite helpful for improving the site. Still more work should be done! 

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CSS achieved

As i mentioned before, basically we used CSS to achieve our site. We mostly use html instead of Flash or Java Script. After several days' working, i had finished most of the pages in CSS, we got templates, so what's next is putting more content. Looking forward to more achievement.

Can check out this: 

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Images and Copyright issues

As copyright issues are important part of the project management, we had considered about this through the working process. So we tried to use more original resources, espeacilly for images (cause we don't have videos and audios). My cilent gave me some pictures she had, (she took before) and i tried to take more shots during these days. So most of the images in our site are originally taken by us, otherwise we will indicate the source. As for the articles, we refered them from other sites, but we give clear indication of the source. 

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Navigation design

Last time i showed my client about the interface design. We then talked about the navigation. It seemed that she didn't feel satisfied with the navigation, she said it was a bit confused. The navigation for first layer was fine, but the navigation for second layer was on the right side, it was not really clear there and limited the size of contect. So later on i improved the navigation, i put two navigation together on the top, users can easily navigate the site and get the part they wanted. Also the most important thing was: my client Miss Wang was happy with this 🙂 .


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Meeting with client 5 – collecting content

This time we talked about the website content mainly, she suggest me to get more material originally, however, due to the limit of time and working people (just myself), she was considering refering some information from some official Bournemouth website, and also we can get help from International Office of Bournemouth Uni. Moreover, she gave me some useful content of some parts of our project. Later on, i got a welcome guide from International Office, it was a really great book of welcoming freshman to Bournemouth. So, these two days, we had collect so much information about Bournemouth, in every aspect, which would be very helpful for the project in the future.

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Homepage and subpage design

So far, i have designed homepage and some subpages roughly. Trying to get some feedback from my client.
subpage      homepage

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