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Meeting progress

Today we had a meeting after the class.

We defined some typical identites we want to involve, we talked about the filming details of the video clip,  also we drew a almost finished picture- the final impression of the product.

During the next few days, Gideon will take more research on identites, how we present our idea clearly, how to join those characters and identites elements together. Jemee and i will try to draw more details of the images, and try to take as many photos as we can for our product ,in case of needed. 


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D.A.P group meeting

Today we had a group meeting, we talked about our idea further and we made some images and video chips as example to show for our presentation. Hope that tomorrow we can explain our idea clearly so that people can understand us and give some feed back to us.

Group Meeting


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Idea for DAP

Today we(Jemee,Gideon,me) had a meeting for our D.A.P project successfully. We agreed to join our slightly different ideas together. And we came to our working topic: Identity.

Jemee showed us a Flash to explain his idea, he pointed out that one person living his life is like walking a long way, the person will experience a lot, meet different kinds of situation and problems. So he is interested in showing people’s thinking about the life itself.

Gideon let us watch a video called ‘Who are you?’ to make us understand his brainstorming. He claimed that in nowadays, people have so many various culture, fashion, lifestyles, identites, people feel hard to face so much information and living content from the society. People mix many kinds of identities and lifestyles, but they sometimes feel so confused about themselves. They are getting lost in this global village, in this fast changing world.

I had been thinking the similar things with them. Sometime ago i wanted to make a piece of video clip to explain my thinking in this area. I wanted to find out what the real life is, what the real thing we are. But i failed to because i was lack of skills and experience. Now i got the chance, we three can cooperate to take research in this area and try to make a piece of art to show what we think, what we understand from different backgrounds.

We felt quite happy with our meeting, and we will meet at Wednesday to discuss about how we actually work for our project.  That’s great!

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D.A.P Group

I forgot to say, Jemee,Gideon,and me from a new group for the D.A.P project, last Thursday we had a meeting about our ideas. We will keep thinking about the idea and developing it though the blogs and meetings. Also we talked about our teamwork and cooperation, how to divide the work, how to join together…and so on. That’s a good beginning of our group project. Looking forward to our good ideas!

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Getting a partner – Jemee

Yesterday i had talked to some of my classmates about the group things, some of them had already formed groups, finally i met Jemee and talked to him about this. We agreed to make a group for two people for the group project, just he and i. We had exchanged some ideas about the modern art and digital art, and mostly we had common feeling and opinions, that’s a good begining of our cooperation.

Also we plan to meet at Saturday and next Monday to talk more about the group project, hopefully we can get our idea.

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Idea from dreaming

Last night i fell into sleep very early, then i dreamed of a idea about my art project, it was strange but i just blog it, in case one day i might use it.

People today are lack of privacy, especially when the Internet become so popular and the CCTV are being used everywhere in the public place. Last night i dreamed of i was shot in the camera(CCTV?) and i saw myself in so many television. I felt angry and crazy because i feel none of privacy, but i got nothing to do. People are watching me, there are so many television and screens, so many people watching, they just try to look through my body or my life. I was scared then. So when i woke up, i suddenly got a idea that i can use so many videos or records about people’s life to make a video clip, that means you are being watch everytime and everytime, this product can draw people ‘s attention again for their privacy.

Time is limited, i got to go to school for class, to blog next time.

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