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I got my new chess set yesterday, let’s meet our characters 🙂


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-Good King Godspeed: He is the ruler of Justainia and the defeater of Dosjer. King godspeed was the most admired King throughout the Kingdom and led his knights into battle against King Dosjer.

-Good Queen Daphne: Daphne is the twin sister of Tara. With King Godspeed falling on love with her Tara decides to have her killed. daphne finds out of the plot and warns her husband that King Dosjer is planning a war against their Kingdom.

-Bishop Jean Jacques: He is King Godspeeds Wizard and closest confidant. He is the one who casts a spell over Dosjer and Merlock sending them to the underworld when they invade Justainia.

-Knights: King Godspeeds famed warriors known for their courage and bravery.

-Rook Good Kingdom of Justainia: Justainia is known for its prosperity and its fair treatment of its subjects. Many people flock towards Justainia in hope of a better life.


-Pawn, Good Soldier:- sworn soldiers to protect the kingdom against all enemies.



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-Evil King Dosjer: Once the ruler of Latium, King Dosjer became jealous of King Godspeed and decided to go to war with him. He was defeated and was banished to the underworld for eternity with the rest of his kingdom.

-Evil Queen Tara: Tara is the twin sister of daphne. She was deeply in love with Godspeed but he was in love with Daphne. She decided to marry King Dosjer and fueled by her jealousy for her sister she ided in the plot against the Good King.

-Bishop, Wizard Merlock: With the promise of fame and fortune, Merlock is recruited in the underworld. He is very knowledgeable in the black arts, he comes from a family who made a pack with devil in order to obtain their evil powers.

-Knight Gargoyle: The gargoyle is meant for protection against evil spirits placed on corners of buildings but in the wrong hands these gargoyles come to life at night and create havoc on unsuspecting people.

-Rook, Evil Kingdom of Latium: Latium once a symbol of prosperity is now a barren wasteland. With the battle between Justice and Evil Latium became the Kingdom of evil beings and wrong doers.

-Pawn, Evil Soldier: From the darkest places in the underworld, these are King Dosjers hired conscripts who don’t mind who they fight for as long aas they are paid.



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