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Get my chess set!

Today i made an important decision, i bought a new chess set for my project!

Actually i wanted to do it several days before, the reason i wanted to buy is, those chess pieces are like human being, they are characters, they are more lively which means it is easier to tell story about ‘them’. But it is expensive, so i didn’t make up my mind at the beginning, after several day trying to draw chess characters and pictures, i must admit i fail to do in this way. So, lastly, i had to buy this chess set as my models. Now i am waiting for my models, looking forward to taking pictures of them.

What’s more, i discovered a story for this chess set, the chess set is called Justice vs Evil, there is a story behind it. The story of Justice vs Evil. This battle is between Good King Godspeed of Justainia and Evil King Dosjer.

xgoodvevilgood.jpg   xgoodvevilev.jpg


July 20, 2006 Posted by | Master Project | 3 Comments