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Idea, idea, idea…

Last week i drew some storyboards of my project, but then this week, when i want to draw these in the computer screen, it becomes difficult, then, my question is, the idea is good, but how can i achieve that?

I just keep sitting in front of my computer, drawing rubbish one after another. Looking through the pictures via Internet, try to find something useful. Here i found some pictures that are similar to the picture in my mind.


First one is 3D picture, a King and a castle, they are live ‘chess’, actually they are characters, so the story can go on like this way, live chess characters, king, queen, bishop…battle,..war..meeting…talking..


Second one is a castle model, some pawns are guarding there, it made me think about building some castle models like this, then i put my chess in model castles, put them in the environment i create, take many pictures, and then tell story!


Third one, chess graphic, like cartoon, no, i don’t think i will make it this way, i don’t know drawing. Forget about this…

Where i am going??? God help me !!!


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