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What is narrative?

Everything surround us is narrative, every event happened to us is narrative. We know this world by narrative way, we shape our knowledge and memory in narrative way. We are so familiar with narrative things, but still, as a question, it is hard to answer, what is narrative?

In the book <Fim’s Art>, it says, ‘narrative is a chain of events in cause-effect relationship accurring in time and space.’ ‘things begin with one situation, a series of changes accurs according to a pattern of cause and effect. Finally, a new situation arises/brings about the end of narrative.’

So, clearly, we know that in narrative, there are two key things: time and space, cause and effect. When we discribe a thing to someone, we will tell them when it happened, where it happened, how it began, how it developed and how it ended. This is so easy a narrative way for people to understand. Moreover, people pay more attension to the how it developed, that’s plot of the story. Why is a story so interesting? “The plot may arrange cues in ways that withhold information for the sake of curiosity and surprise. Or the plot may supply information in such a way as to create expectations or increase suspence.” That ‘s the point behind narrative, why we enjoy story telling so much, since we were kids.


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