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Some Chess notes

Considering i am doing a chess educational project, i began to learn more about chess again, trying to remind myself the skills and improve my level, here i took some notes from the books and sites i had seen.

1. Some translation of chess words:
竖格file  横格rank  斜格diagonal  黑白格light/dark square  王/后翼kingside/queenside 将军check  杀棋chechmate  营地camp  吃capture  挡住block/hinder  兵(P)Pawn  车(R)Rook  马(N)Knight  象(B)Bishop  皇后(Q)Queen  皇上(K)King  王车易位Castling short/long

“En Passant” 吃过路兵
“Promotion” 兵升变 promote the pawn to a Queen
“Stalemate” 逼和
“Loss of material” 棋子交换中丢分

“Pins” 牵制
“Forks” 同时攻击两个棋子 treaten two pieces
“Discoveries” 让开攻击

Sicilian Defense 西西里防御
French Defense 法兰西防御
Ruy Lopez / Spanish 西班牙开局
Queen’s Gambie 后翼弃兵
English Opening 英吉利开局
Two knights defense 双马防御
Gruenfeld defense 格林菲尔德防御

2. Rules

Pawn: move forward, how to capture:move one square diagonally;
Knight: “L”-shape way of moving, can jump over, knight does its best work in the center;
Bishop: moves diagonally, one black one white, two bishops are powerful in open games;
Rook: tower of a castle, play its best in the open files/ranks, rooks should be able to see each other, no piece between them;
Queen: so powerful! Don’t bring it out too early.

3. Some tips

About pawn:
Make a good pawn structure, link them, let them support each other, make a good defense; Pawns should capture towards the center.
Aaron Nimzovitch said”A passed pawn is a criminal who should be put under lock and key.”
That means a passed pawn can be so powerful that decide which side will win.

Rook development:
Always go to open files, become more powerful;
Two rooks together can double their powers;

Knights should be close to action, becasue they can not move long range;
“A knight on the rim is dim” so knight should be in the center, centralized!


June 20, 2006 - Posted by | Master Project

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