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So far, i am thinking about these four ideas that i can use fro my master project:

1. An interesting chess game, which will be done in Flash; Audience are mainly kids and chess beginners.

2. A web-based chess teaching webcast system. It will use video tutorials (or+text+graphics) as main resource to teach people about  the chess rules, openings, tactics.

3. Chess online community/ Chess club. Using some Web2.0 elements (such as blogs, wiki, RSS, podcast) attract people to join these issues of chess community.

4. Chess (visual) Gallery.  Telling people storys about those famous chess tournament  games or some great games by chess champions. Using some animation and background audio to achieve the story telling.

After i have done some research via the Internet, there are quite many examples of first idea and second idea, so that means they not new areas and not worth doing more work as master project. There are many chess clubs and communities, although some of them don’t have Web2.0 elements, this research area is not new. However, the last idea is quite challenging, it will come to answer a research question like: How do interactive technics challenge story telling in achieving educational aims?

Finally, after i talked to Joe about my ideas above, we came to agreed that the last idea would be great for doing my master project.


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