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Defining my project

Although my client and i had already begun with the project, suddenly I found i forgot to define the topic and key points in this conceptual developing blog, so here i repeat these points.

My project is about the chinese's life in Bournemouth, as i have done some research in this area, i find there isn't a website introducing the necessary and useful information about living here for chinese. There are oringially lots of chinese in Bournemouth and the amout is getting more. For Chinese people living here, although they had been here for more or less time, they are still lack of some particular information and resources, and they are not related to each other much. So one of the key point of this site is offering them a connection and medium for communication; For Chinese strangers, this site is offering all kinds of useful information and tips for them to get used to settling here. Also before they arrive here, they can get a basic understanding of the environment.

 As i explained the idea to my client the first time, she thought this site would be really helpful cause she could not find these kinds of information easily before she came here, and had experienced some problems like confusion and worry at the beginning days. As Chinese she would like to help me with this project, she agreed to be my client and always gave me some good feedback and suggestion for the site.


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Structure of the site

Here i improved the structure of the site, with the help and suggestion from my client.


* About the site

* Environment

* Daily Life
-Health and Safety

* Studying
-Language School

* Working
-Getting jobs

* Travel
-Surrounding attractions

* Culture
-Cultural adaptation
-Emotional issues
-Getting help

* Visual resources

* Interaction (Extra Page)
-Message Board

* Getting help (Contacting)

* Links

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