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Getting material

Last meeting with my client we talked about some copyright issues, we couldn't write all the  articles, so we will reference them from other sites. But we can take the pictures and create our own images. It's nice weather today, so i went to take some photos of Bournemouth, as the necessary material of our site.

IMG_2135.JPG  IMG_2134.JPG  IMG_2132.JPG  IMG_2130.JPG  IMG_2049.JPG  IMG_2045.JPG  IMG_2000.JPG  IMG_1996.JPG  IMG_1992.JPGIMG_1991.JPG  IMG_19811.JPG


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Meet client 3

Today i met my client, we talked about the content, considering the limit of my skills and time, we decided to cut down my work a bit, we won't do the forum part and message board. Also i showed her the flow chart(sketching) and basic layout of the site, she said the structure was fine but the designing was too simple, she asked me to improve the homepage design later to make it more colourful and impressive. I will show her another one the next time but won't change the structure much.

layout_homepage layout_subpage

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Got help from designer

As i am not good at designing, also Claudia suggested me find a media specialist to cooperate for the project. I had been looking for a more professional person on designing. Luckily, one of my friend introduced his friend who had done some design job before to me,  so i might get help from him.

Today i got the chance to know him and talk to him. I explained my work and the whole project. When he was clear, he said he would like to help me, especially for processing the images. So when i finish my layout or the template of the site, i will ask him to improve the colours or images, or he will give me some suggestion for designing.

Thanks for your kind, Ding!

meeting with designer

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FTP test OK!

FTP test ok!

Check out this: Uni.bmp

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Register the domain

As i talked to my client, we need a domain for our site to be web based. Then we discussed about the domain name, but some of names we liked had been used. Finally we make it a name not short but easy to understand: 'chineseinbournemouth'.

Then i register the domain as '', so from now, we can use our own domain:

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Defining my project

Although my client and i had already begun with the project, suddenly I found i forgot to define the topic and key points in this conceptual developing blog, so here i repeat these points.

My project is about the chinese's life in Bournemouth, as i have done some research in this area, i find there isn't a website introducing the necessary and useful information about living here for chinese. There are oringially lots of chinese in Bournemouth and the amout is getting more. For Chinese people living here, although they had been here for more or less time, they are still lack of some particular information and resources, and they are not related to each other much. So one of the key point of this site is offering them a connection and medium for communication; For Chinese strangers, this site is offering all kinds of useful information and tips for them to get used to settling here. Also before they arrive here, they can get a basic understanding of the environment.

 As i explained the idea to my client the first time, she thought this site would be really helpful cause she could not find these kinds of information easily before she came here, and had experienced some problems like confusion and worry at the beginning days. As Chinese she would like to help me with this project, she agreed to be my client and always gave me some good feedback and suggestion for the site.

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Structure of the site

Here i improved the structure of the site, with the help and suggestion from my client.


* About the site

* Environment

* Daily Life
-Health and Safety

* Studying
-Language School

* Working
-Getting jobs

* Travel
-Surrounding attractions

* Culture
-Cultural adaptation
-Emotional issues
-Getting help

* Visual resources

* Interaction (Extra Page)
-Message Board

* Getting help (Contacting)

* Links

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Met client 2

Due to some reasons, i didn't contact my client for long time, so i came to meet her today. I explained what happened last month, i said sorry that i had dalayed all the jobs. She understood and accepted my appologize in the end.

Then we had a half hour meeting for the project, i explained our working process to her, she reminded me to hurry up with the project cause i had been late for the schedule for too much. I showed her my basic structure of the site and sketching, she gave me some suggestion, especially she told me about her own experience when she arrived here and knew nothing, how she felt and what kinds of information she wanted to know as a stranger. This part was quite important for the project. Then later on, we discussed more about the content, finally it seemed not bad meeting after long time's stop.

Later on i improved my structure, and trying to work it out!

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Coming back

Finally, after a long time break, i am back!

There were so many things happened last month, i am even afraid to look back. But, anyway, those things passed away, just let it go. Last week, i travelled around Belfast to see my old friend, i had a good time there. So, now i am back for my project and assignments. Hopefully it won't be too late.

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