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Happy Chinese New Year

Just to say happy chinese new year to everyone! Wish you all can succeed in finishing our course this year.

I really had a great time these days. Now going back to study again, see you guys Thursday!


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Idea developing

Today i got some ideas from my friend in China, for my project.

She was talking about the fashion things, actually she showed strong negetive feelings about the fashion and technology. She said that our society was developing so fast, the same time new technologies and fashion comes to us, the same time we are losing the traditions and memories of the times. She hated that people are fashion-oriented, she hated those people who are always after new technologies or styles, and meanwhile they are getting lost. She missed those traditional things, and tried to make sure herself she was living her own way, not narrow-minded, but keeping certain distance from those new things.

I felt quite strongly agree with her, so i got my idea. I was born in 1980’s in Guangdong of China, for our generation, we have our own things, we remember the growing steps of ourselves and our times. So, why not making something related to our own times, own lifestyles, own local culture(i think it is different from those official or formal sites of showing Chinese culture). I feel quite interested in this, i will do some research in this area and then decide i will do it or not. That’s it!!

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Getting a partner – Jemee

Yesterday i had talked to some of my classmates about the group things, some of them had already formed groups, finally i met Jemee and talked to him about this. We agreed to make a group for two people for the group project, just he and i. We had exchanged some ideas about the modern art and digital art, and mostly we had common feeling and opinions, that’s a good begining of our cooperation.

Also we plan to meet at Saturday and next Monday to talk more about the group project, hopefully we can get our idea.

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Idea from dreaming

Last night i fell into sleep very early, then i dreamed of a idea about my art project, it was strange but i just blog it, in case one day i might use it.

People today are lack of privacy, especially when the Internet become so popular and the CCTV are being used everywhere in the public place. Last night i dreamed of i was shot in the camera(CCTV?) and i saw myself in so many television. I felt angry and crazy because i feel none of privacy, but i got nothing to do. People are watching me, there are so many television and screens, so many people watching, they just try to look through my body or my life. I was scared then. So when i woke up, i suddenly got a idea that i can use so many videos or records about people’s life to make a video clip, that means you are being watch everytime and everytime, this product can draw people ‘s attention again for their privacy.

Time is limited, i got to go to school for class, to blog next time.

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Fantasty sites

Check out these wonderful sites and their designers:






Resource from Design Museum:

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Design of Apple

The design of Apple really attracts me. Here i found some introduction to the design of Apple.

“Jonathan Ive,head of design at Apple,discuss the development of the iMac,iPod and other products.”

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Just to make some brainstorming for my projects. As my presentation showed, mainly i got two ideas for my project, one is making a Cantonese local culture website to introduce it to foreigners; the other site is art related, might be a anti-art, might be a introduction to modern art, might be just like a community talk about art.

The second idea came to me after the trip to London, when i had seen so much modern art. I just feel like, the more contact i make with the modern art, the more i feel confused and dispointed. I would say the reason is, some kinds of those modern art don’t fit my understanding of modern art, sometimes i disagreed totally, personally i argue that some of them are rubbish, but still, they are awarded as so called ‘great modern art’. I just feel like crazy and angry about those products ,about which i don’t understand but i had to learn. I think for this point, i had a very serious and sometimes negative attitude, so i must do something to correct it. Mightbe i should learn and know more until one day i can understand them, mightbe i should discuss with those who got the same attutide with me. Anyway, i will be with modern art all this term however i like it or not, but just work hard for my studying. 

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Contacting people

So far, i have contacted some of my friends to cooperate with me. There are three guys i felt interested. First one is Tony, he is professional sound specialist. He promised to help me but i didn’t tell him more about my project because i am still thinking about it. Second guy is from animation background, Abi, i think i need his contribution for the video things. Third person should be a client, Rakesh is doing multimedia journalism master course in our uni. I chose him because he was quite interested in cultural things, which i might make my project in this area.

Anyway, i just made the basic contact with them, i will keep in touch with them and let them know more about my project, especially when i define my project clearly.

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Trip to Art

Yesterday, Claudia took us to some art museums in London. The trip was really full and wonderful. I  learned  a lot about modern art. Actually this is my first time to go to such a “art museum” and check out those art things so seriously. I got shocked by so many products, also i found hard to understand. But anyway, this trip is useful for me to understand and know more about modern art. Thanks for Claudia’s kind and guidance to “art trip”.


DPP_0001.JPG  DPP_0002.JPG  DPP_0003.JPG  IMG_4071.JPG  IMG_4075.JPG  IMG_4095.JPG  IMG_4097.JPG  IMG_4119.JPG

IMG_4040.JPG  IMG_4016.JPG

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What master means?

During the research project class, Joe got a question for us.”What do you think master means?” That ‘s a good question we should think about.

Personally, i am still feeling not confident to get a master degree, because i didn’t work as harder as i wanted, i am lack of those practical technical skills to be professional, i still feel i am far from those “professional” or “academic” people. Even in my class, i feel i had been left behind my classmates because i didn’t plan my UK studying life well. But, anyway, i think i am sure what “master” means, that means you should work really hard, do lots of reading or researching to get the knowledge of this area. Also, you should get some pratical skills to make your production to show your idea and work. After a whole year’s study, basicly you should know as much as you can about this industry,this field. You should be professionl, skillful, experienced!

I think i should keep asking myself this question again and again, will i be qualified to be a master? Do I work much and know much enough to be professional? Otherwise, i am always left behind and “master” is so far away.

Thanks joe for reminding us that we are doing a MA course. Now we know what that means.

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